Scientifically accurate love story.

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Marty, I’ve been reading your movie. 


ok, so a little backstory: the fabulous youths that live in the apartment across the road have caught me dancing around my living room on more than one occasion. I figured the only thing left to do was to make them think I was here in Vegas to CATCH MY BIG BREAK and that I must practice every single day and that this is SERIOUS BIDNISS. This is just a glimpse of what I offer them on a daily basis.

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tonofstupidness replied to your post:fadeintowhite winter’s tale. It’s hysterical
Omg is it the one with Farrell and Crowe?? IT IS SO MINDBOGGINGLY RIDICULOUS! And Will Smith as Lucifer. I cry. Still can’t believe I’ve seen it.

that’s the one!!! and don’t forget …. RUSSSSSSELL CROOOOOOWE

fadeintowhite winter’s tale. It’s hysterical

jesus fucking christ

I’ve just watched the BEST BAD MOVIE of the decade

Like a big old mess, that’s me!

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It’s autumn and I’m having an A+ day

Thank you Universe


when u at a concert & ur favorite band member looks u in the eye


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